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Should You Get a Complete Wedding Package?

It can be overwhelming to choose between all the options when you are planning a wedding. One of the first decisions you should make is if you want a wedding package or not. They can be a really good idea sometimes, but may not be right for everyone. You can make the best decision for your situation if you keep these tips in mind.

If you have a shorter engagement, then a wedding package might be right for you. Or if you and your husband-to-be are both super busy. Or if you have a hard time making decisions. People in those categories might want to get a wedding package. Some of your time will be freed up and it will be much less stressful if you get a wedding package. You make a few simple decisions and the wedding company will take care of the rest. Having someone else shoulder that burden can make your wedding more enjoyable.

You also might get fun extras for free when you buy a wedding package. Candy carts, complimentary bedrooms for certain guests, or an after party for your guests once you leave may also be included in your package for no extra cost. They can be expensive and seem out of reach if you plan on your own, but are totally doable if you get a package deal.

Now, a wedding package may not be for you if you are looking for a unique wedding. Choosing from a few different templates saves you and the wedding company a lot of time when you plan your wedding. Having templates means the same decor, menu, music, and lighting are reused. This probably isn’t the best option if you are hoping to have your wedding match your personality with a lot of small details.

You also want to make sure that the vendors and suppliers that the company uses are ones you want to support. Using the same vendors allows wedding companies to know what to expect. This is a good thing unless you don’t want to use a specific vendor. You might also have a vendor you really want to use that will need to be added to the package. You will also have to make sure that you are getting what you pay for with a wedding package. “Too good to be true” scenarios are usually risky, so don’t ignore red flags.You should focus on making your special day the best it can be when deciding whether or not to book a wedding package.

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